The Beautiful E. Gitzen | Maternity | Leesburg, Va

I met this beautiful moma last fall. Isn't she stunning!? Her family is gorgeous!

We connected during this rustic meets modern shoot. Neither of us fully expected all the emotions after our first pregnancy. It was a whirlwind to say the least, in the end, we both love and cherish our children. Love doesn't always come at first glance, but wanting to make someone smile for the rest of your life describes more of the feeling of motherhood in those early days!

"There comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life"

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Welcome to the World Miss M | Woodbridge, Va | Birth Photography

The journey of carrying a child and birthing is so amazing to me. It is true magic from an act of love and passion. All mixed with science and faith. This momma was so amazing. She was so quiet during labor, even taking girl scout cookie orders between contractions! On this birthday, and after only 3 pushes, the Hoffman family became a party of 5. Without further delay here is the condensed authentic birth story.

"You need chaos in your soul to

give birth to a dancing star."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Birth-Photography-Virginia-Motherhood-LeesburgBirth-Photographer-Virginia-Motherhood-LeesburgBirth-Photographer Leesburg VaBirth-Photographer Just Born Leesburg VaBirth-Photographer Mommy and Me Leesburg VaHospital Birth Photographer Leesburg, VaHospital Birth Breastfeeding Photographer Leesburg, VaFresh 48 Newborn Photography Leesburg,  VaBirth-Photography-Virginia-MeasurementsFamily-Birth-Photography-NOVAAre you interested in having your birth photographed? What questions can I answer for you? I'd love to talk to all you expecting moms!

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The Taylor Family | Newborn | Leesburg, Va

As families grow, our hearts expand. As a couple, we wonder how our life will change if and when we add a new tiny human to our lives. This is not quite answerable. Everyone, parents to be and baby to be, is different. Parenthood is about grace and patience through all things. We go through the same questions if and when we decide to grow our families further. This family is no exception. The Taylor family is so amazing. All of their hearts are so big, and even bigger with their newest edition!

Taylor party of four!

As promised, here is Miss B's newborn session. This tiny girl was wide awake and checking the world out the entire time I visited! Well, until the last 10 minutes. :) Awake or sleeping, there is just so much cute-ness. Big brother O, was so sweet and gentle around his new baby sister. Even sharing kisses!! Talk about heart melting <3

Chantilly Newborn PhotographerChantilly baby photographerNewborn Sibling Photographer Chantilly VaNewborn Family Photographer Chantilly VaChantilly Newborn Photographer


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The Taylor Family | Fresh48 | Leesburg, Va

I am so in love with this family. I photographed the Taylor wedding a few years ago and here we are welcoming their second little into the world. We were pregnant together with our first children, due just a week apart, so I did not have the opportunity to document this amazing couple become a family. Here we are now, Miss B at one day old. Taylor, family of four. Adorable right!? She was so content when I visited mom and dad in the hospital. Love her cheeks and tiny feet! Stay tuned for Miss B's newborn session, she rocked the camera, wide eyed and serious <3

Leesburg Hospital Newborn PhotographerINOVA Loudoun baby photographerLeesburg Fresh 48 PhotographerBe inspired. Love authentically. Live Boldly.