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Children at every age have something to teach us. As a parent myself I am constantly reminded of a new and different perspective of my surroundings when I'm having conversations with  little and not so little humans. Their resilience to life is what has driven me to want to photograph little learners. My ideal partnership with schools would be one willing to have picture day in the Fall and Spring. After all, growth is the purpose of school portraits, second only to documenting the essence of each child I meet.


Your school and your students are
one of a kind vessels of knowledge.

Let's work together to capture the unique personalities of both.

As a documentary photographer who loves photographing families in their natural element, it is my goal to photograph genuine expressions of each child and adult that steps in front of my lens. I love offering school portraits as a way of showing growth from Fall to Spring or from year to year. The Bold School Portraits experience is a little different. In the short time I have with students,  I will never ask them to say cheese.  Instead, I spend a few moments playing, singing (badly!), and joking with them to capture their authentic personality.

Bold portraits utilizes a black background to allow the children to stand out without distraction. Environmental portraits are an option if you prefer a different look specific to your school. We do our best to provide at least 2 to 5 unique images, and deliver them in both color and black & white.


Homeschooling Portraits

As a home schooling mom myself, I want to document your wild and free learners. I am happy to work with co-ops, groups, or individual families to plan your homeschool picture day! Please send me a note and we can further discuss specifics!


Frequently Asked Questions


What should my child wear? ...

Tops that are light-coloured or bright-coloured are best. Tops with large graphics, logos, or print do not always photograph well. You can also think about a top that makes your child's eye colour pop!

Tell me about the process. ...

We offer parents a custom, candid, and boutique option for school portraits as compared to your average school portrait provider. We pride ourselves on capturing a technically sound photograph that accentuates each child’s individual personality. We don’t like the word “cheese” - and we do not believe in forcing a smile. We thrive on authenticity and natural expressiveness. We believe we have a service that parents crave for marking these fleeting school memories and we know that this program is a definite value added to your school. We shoot all the portraits ourselves and let our online digital system take care of ordering and processing payments. We minimally interrupt classroom schedules and provide a unique product to your families through our innovative portrait system.

Nicoleinbold is a licensed, and insured business!

What do you need from the school? ...

We will need just a few items from you, including classroom rosters, daily classroom schedules, a map of the school, and a list of any special instructions or sensitive information you think may be pertinent. Also, if your school utilizes a mass email system to notify parents of various announcements, we would love to take advantage of that once or twice during this process to remind and encourage participation in our program. If additional items pop up along the way, we will be sure to communicate those needs with you.

Where do you take the pictures? ...

We would like to work with you in the weeks preceding our shoot to determine together the best possible places for shooting. Safety is our first priority, second only to ideal lighting conditions, which are best achieved by the use of natural sunlight.

How do parents pay you? ...

Our entire system is hosted online. Proofs are released for viewing through an online link, and all orders and payments are processed online. The school does not have to worry about printed proofs, order forms, or handling/processing money. Our online system takes care of everything.

How long does the entire process take? ...

After we shoot the pictures, it will take approximately 3-6 weeks before proofs are released to the parents. The order deadline will be listed for one week after proof release. Once all orders are in, products will begin to arrive 2-4 weeks later. We will personally deliver all of the products to the school, unless the parents note otherwise on the order form.

What does it cost for the families? ...

We offer both print packages as well as digital negatives, where parents can print themselves. Our print packages range in price from $30 to $60, and our digital negative collections begin at $40 as well. We also offer custom studio products, such as gallery wraps and framed enlargements.

Do you have a contract? ...

We do have a simple contract which outlines the basic services we provide to your school, as well as details on the revenue share with your school. The contract covers basic topics such as safety, liability, logistics, payments, and scheduling. We are more than happy to provide a copy of said contract for your review.

Do you partner with the school on revenue? ...

We are happy to provide your school with 10% of all net profits. Please allow up to 6 weeks after delivery of school products to receive this gift.

Will the school need to hire an assistant for you? ...

The school will not need to change anything to accommodate us. We will be present during our shooting day(s) with at least one additional assistant in addition to the primary shooter.

How many options do parents get? ...

We offer 4 different print packages and 2 different digital negative collections. We also offer custom gallery wraps up to 30”x40” and framed studio enlargements.

Do parents have to participate? ...

Participation is not required. We will shoot portraits for every child on campus, and provide proofs for each child we photograph. Proofs will be provided digitally and because of this your teachers will not have to worry about collecting unpurchased proofs or order forms. If parents do not want to participate, they are not obligated.


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