Kate Juliet


"In just FOUR DAYS after making  updates to my website, I've booked two clients. And I've gotten a bunch of other inquiries, several of which I'm still chatting with. I feel a little bit stupid since some of the issues were so obvious, and mostly so GRATEFUL to you Nicole Burmeister for taking the time to look over my site. Your magic eyeballs caught a bunch of obvious and not-so-obvious stuff (some of which I'm still going through to update) and it's really really helped me. THANK YOU. When I looked at my website I had no idea what was wrong with it, but when you did you clearly saw what I needed to change and it's made a huge difference. I just had to say thank you again. Thank you thank you thank you.“

Kate with Kate Juliet Photography /

Bob Schnell


"Nicole is a true treasure!
I have been working on my SEO for years with middling success. I thought I knew my stuff, but a 20-minute conversation showed me how little I really knew. She opened my eyes to so much more than just alt-tags and meta descriptions.
More importantly, she made is simple and understandable. Her approach is funny, passionate and informative. SEO, branding, and the UX is ever-changing and often bewildering to even the most experienced. Having someone who can break things down and make the reasoning behind it understandable is worth their weight in gold. Nicole actually making it fun is just cream in your coffee! “

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