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I love watching humans become parents. Seeing them meet the tiny human they are welcoming into this world is an honor I feel in my core. This transition of welcoming a new life, a new soul, into your family is one of the most transformational moments of your life, no matter if it is your first or fifth, surrogate, at home, or in the hospital. Your birth story is worth documenting. To see your strength, perseverance, and epic love story unfold is your family's legacy - that deserves to be captured for all of time.

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birth, to me,
is the definition of magic!

a promise of love at first sight - fueled by a basic instinct
and one of the most passionate and unapologetic displays
of strength, surrender, and commitment in order to
meet the newest love of your life.

birth is a love story

nicole burmeister


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"I was sitting in the living room with tears streaming down my face looking through the photos of Ronan's birth last night. They are by far one of the most cherished material things we have and are backed up at least 4 places. 

Having your support as a fellow mom- having had been in my shoes- and willing to share your empathy, wisdom, and compassion on that day was tremendous. You'll never know my full gratitude!" Jami McDowell

mom nursing after delivery in hospital
"Nicole is truly the most incredibly photographer! She has an amazing eye, and was able to capture the most intense RAW moments of my 2nd daughter's birth. She caught HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL pictures of my oldest daughter that seem to look right into her soul. She captured JOY and LOVE in my husband. Nicole is the most honest, straight forward, gentle, passionate, and crazy cool photographer you could imagine!" Pooja Aggarwal

freckled mama kisses baby for the first time after labor
"She is incredible. She captured the birth of my second daughter beautifully, and was incredibly supportive throughout my pregnancy and delivery. For reference, she is the second birth photographer I have worked with, and I highly recommend her and her work." Angee Kerns

Birth is not neat and fast:

it is gritty and primal. but it is nothing to fear.

unless you also think we ought to fear women crying when they are sad
or laughing when they are happy...if we stop viewing birth as an emergency

- it's NOT -

then we can stop imposing anxiety on women about birth.

mayim bialik


Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you anyway? ...

Such a great question! No matter who you decided to have in your birth space I strong reccomend you get to them. As for me, I have created a page all about me, click here.

Still want to know more about me, my services, have questions I didn't answer? Feel free to send me a note via my contact page. I pride myself on my transparency and would honestly love to get to know you too!

What is birth photography? ...

Birth photography, very simply, is the visual story of your birth experience. It is your opportunity to capture your tiny humans’s birthday and the moment you become parents (again)!

Hiring a professional means you are working with someone who knows and understands lighting, composition, and how to freeze emotion with a click of a button. No more snapshots or worrying if your partner will take an image at a flattering angle. I will be there to document every moment for you and the family that cannot be present on your birth-day.

How much does birth photography cost? ...

Birth photography is an investment in your story and in me, as I too invest my time and life into being on call and present for you and your family. While I am ready and on call for 4 weeks, I delicately hold your trust in me to show up, be present, knowledgeable, and a profesional artist to document this once in a life time, life altering event.

Birth coverage begins at 750 for my time and talent on call and while present at your birth. Clients typically spending 3-4000. The reatiner and contract is due to book your estimated due date on my calendar. I offer a range of products and collections for you to choose from to best tell your birth story.

The Big Reveal: About 4 weeks after your birth, I will deliver an online gallery for you to view your story and proofs. This gallery is open for 1 week. If you would prefer an in person reveal I can come to you! This will allow us to chat more about your experience becoming a family. You would also have the opportunity to touch all of my product offerings and I can help guide you toward the items that best fit your home and lifestyle. You could even have a reveal party with the grand parents!

Nicoleinbold is a licensed and insured business and I adhere to a code of conduct!

Will we meet before the birth? ...

This is not a requirement, but I do strongly encourage an in person meeting. Birth is quite intimate and it is important to me that you find a photographer you genuinely get a long with and who will answer not only your questions, but the questions of your partner. My goal is to walk into your birthing space a friend rather than a stranger!

Where will you stand? ...

Don't laugh! I get a version of this question whenever my profession comes up in conversation. When we meet to go over your birth plan I go over my ninja like presence. I do my best to be quiet and act as an observer. With that said, I will not be a creeper and will gladly have a conversation with you if you want.

The one instance I ask for your input on where you want me, is when baby is about to make an appearance. I provide three options: mom's view (I'm at your shoulder), dad's view (profile), and catcher's view. I do my up most best to be in the desired location, unless you tell me otherwise in the moment.

I like the idea of birth photography, but I'm concerned about modesty. ...

I hear you, we discuss this in depth at our in person consult. I respect your level of comfort as I feel it is important to also respect your birth place. I am an honest and transparent person and will document your surroundings as they happen, which essentially means I may need to get creative!

If you are still unsure, I do offer Fresh 48 sessions, which means I come to you after baby is born to capture your new family, sibling greetings, relatives, or just you, your partner, and your newest love!

What about scheduled cesareans? ...

Each hospital and birthing location is different in regards to having me, a photographer, present in the operating room. With that said, I feel strongly that your story is still very important. It is still your birth-day after-all!! I like to discuss this in person, as every situation is different, scheduled, emergency, transfer, you name it, we will talk about it. I am an open book and want you to feel safe and comfortable.

What if I go into labor prematurely? ...

Contact me. I know this will be an emotional moment in your life so I will do my best to be present to capture your story. I believe photography can be used as healing if and when we need it to fill in gaps, or remember life more concretely. When things happen fast we have a tendency to forget and I am ultimately in this business to better the mental health of families, what ever that means for you! If for what ever reason I am unable to make it to the birth, it is possible to use your birth photography investment as a credit towards another portrait session (fresh48 or tiny human story).

What if you can't make it to the birth? ...

If I, or one of my trusted back up birth photographers, miss your birth while I am on call (2 weeks prior to your estimated due date), you can use your birth photography investment as a credit towards another portrait sessions (fresh48 or tiny human story).

When I go into labor, when should I contact you? ...

Please contact me or have your partner contact me as soon as something begins to happen. The rest will be played by ear as we continue to communicate through your progress.

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night? ...

Contact me!! Once we are in the on-call window we will be in contact with each other fairly often. With that said, I ask to be given as much notice as possible of impending labor. This allows me to begin making arrangements for child care. In the end, call or text me, or both even, at any time and I will be there as soon as possible!

What if I don't want my images on the internet? ...

I 100% respect your wish for privacy!

What, in detail, do you photograph? ...

I photograph emotions, connections, moments, and your story for the family that cannot be present. We will get specific on what you do and do not want captured when we meet in person!

What will you do if something goes wrong with me or my baby? ...

We do discuss this a head of time, but in any case I do my best to assess the situation as a professional. I of course give way to any medical personnel. In respecting the situation I may step out of the room for ultimate privacy and wait for an update. I will use my best judgement and experience to adapt as necessary.

Do you offer fresh 48, newborn, and maternity sessions? ...

I do! There is nothing more gratifying than watching a family grow into and through their parenthood journey! I also offer feeding (breast or bottle) and baby-wearing sessions for those families that want to remember and commemorate these amazing bonding activities.


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