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All those firsts after birth are moments that can often be forgotten. New life, those first 48 hours of the fourth trimester can be a blur of movement and stillness. It feels fresh and exciting, full of family introductions between napping and eating. Having been there, I can say it is easy to forget with each passing day just how much this tiny human changes and grows.

It is my goal to slow this brief season down with images that capture the beautiful bewilderment and curiosity of learning to adjust to a new soul in your life. No matter where or how you birthed, or how you became a parent, these first couple of days are just the beginning of a grand adventure. The beginning of a new legacy.


i look over at you and see sunshine


The documentation of you,
with your newest legend!

In the first days and weeks of life with a new tiny human in your life, I hope to capture the smallest moments of one of the biggest milestones in your life. The bonding, snuggling, and frantic first diaper changes are the sweet and chaotic elements of life as new parents. This is documentary meets life-styled newborn photography!

We live in a time where everyone owns a camera, but not everyone can tell a story in a single frame. As parents we often end the day with a list of mild frustrations about our children or how we handled our life that day. If you are brand new to parenthood and haven't felt these anxieties, the whole are we messing [them] up? That's okay. If you have felt this before, you are not alone! I want to photograph your life in this season so you can remember the origin story of your new life!

Storytelling and capturing connection is my gift behind the lens. I would be stoked to work with you to slow this season of life and parenthood down for you!


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