you are what
you focus on,

let's focus on growth, your version of success, and how to build your happy in and outside of your business.


I'm a mom, artist, and wife

just like many of you. My attention is pulled in every direction, I have doubts about the meaning of life, but through the years, I have found a passion for empowering permission in people just like you to build a life and business the suits your one of a kind wants and needs! 


business must support well being
in order to have sustainable success


mentoring services



brief questionnaire

ask me anything

creative problem solving

tailored approach

action plan



[1] 2 hour exploration session

[4] 1 hour accountability follow-up sessions

questionnaire + worksheets

ask me anything

tailored approach

action plan



know your worth

then add tax


frequently asked questions

What is the process of working together? . . .

After all formailites, we dive right in with a questionnaire which help guide our session. Our mentoring calls will be recorded and sent to you along with a written recap and action plan to help you along in your business.

I know you said ask me anything, but what do you specialize in? . . .

Big picture I specialize in birth photography, brand and website design, and SEO. That can be pretty broad though. I love talking shop and business strategy. The following is a list of topics I am passionate and ready to educate and mentor on:

  • sustainable pricing
  • IPService (In Person Sales)
  • marketing
  • content strategy
  • time management
  • business workflow

What products and services do you use to help your business run smoothly? . . .

I try to keep my life as simple as possible so the following are the tools I regularly use throughout my business:

Is there a payment plan for coaching? . . .

Yes! I want you to succeed in your business! This is a long term bundle aimed at working on an actionable plan over 3-4 months. Monthly payments can be arranged!


Let me know if you have additional questions or concerns!

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