Gibson Maternity-BW30.jpg

Dear Bold Mamas:

Maternity images are something I feel a lot of mothers want to skip or leave behind and this makes me sad. Being pregnant, at least for me, was such an amazing time in my life. Not the best, but the most amazing. There are so many emotions that war within you; ranging from fear to excitement, maybe some anger, and definitely a lot of love. The connection with your partner subtly changes as well, I feel there is just a bit more of all the emotions towards each other, and again it is amazing. I have found that the most amazing thing about the maternity season of life, besides glowing (glistening) for 8-9 months, is how much others open up and are vulnerable with you. Of course your significant other, that is a given, but strangers and other mothers in your family! I hate being in the limelight, but I thoroughly enjoyed everyone sharing stories with me about their childhood or their birth, or funny anecdotes of their own parenthood journey. 

This is something I want to capture for you. The anxious energy as you embark on a new adventure that you can't quite see yet. This time in your life is part of your journey, almost a full years worth of your time earthside. 

I offer intimate maternity sessions a lone or as add-ons to other sessions. Send me a note and let's get ice cream to chat about your wishes!


my mother was my first country.

the first place i ever lived.