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Birthbound Photographer: Learn the business, grow as an artist.

I love sharing my knowledge, analogies, and encouragement with fellow business owners. Over the years I have self taught and studied in many areas of business to form blue prints and strategies to better, more easily, understand the complex nature of running a photography business. As a seasoned professional birth photographer, I have a great passion for helping birth professionals build sustainable businesses and get seen by their people. I am grateful to Leilani Rogers for bringing me into the fold so that I can share my perspective and expertise in the birth photography education world!

So far I have taught three classes with this amazing online education platform!

There is a misconception about marketing, in that a lot of people think marketing is sales, and while they overlap - they are not created equal. Your branding is your messaging, while your marketing is your microphone, and sales is your income. In this stand alone class I will layout, in 10 steps, a blueprint to get you understood, seen, and celebrated with your past, present, and future clients!

Inside this library of classes you will have access to my 3 classes, 10 Marketing Tips, Keywords 101, and Branding + SEO: Storytelling and Optimization to Cultivate Your Wild Roots. In addition, you will have 24/7/365 access to learn all things birth, ethics, technical skills, and artistry from 9 other leading creators such as Leilani Rogers, Neely Kerfox, Ashley Marston, Amanda McGhee, Sarah Boccolucci, Rebecca Coursey, and Natasha Hance.