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Working with me, I want you to accept yourself as you are. Mom, dad, and child. This is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against our training, education, and culture. From our inception we have received messages of how we should be, with very few telling us that we are good as we are. I want to be a voice, with my camera, in your life that says you are good, you are worthy, and you fucking rock! Right here! Right now!

With every session, my ultimate goal is to collaborate with you and create images for you. Not social media, not strangers on the internet, but for you and your family. The stills and motion we capture together will showcase your one of a kind life. The calm before the adventure, the chaos of having fun, and the epic-ness of unrefined living. We will work together to create art so you can remember your life and show your kids that you existed with them.

this is real life photography

Searching for a Richmond
photographer can be overwhelming!

I work differently than other photographers. I offer a full service experience designed to offer you a customized and curated product selection so you can hold on to and display your family in your home. After all, having framed pictures on the wall or albums of your family all together will build everyone's confidence and empower them in their roles within the family. This is one of the best gifts of photography! I hope we can work together to document your legendary history!


session fee + collection = your legendary story 


The session fee covers my time with your family and talent to share my perspective of your life how it unfolds.

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