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Bold Branding



Consult Questionnaires

Unlimited email consultations during project window

Ethically Sourced Detailed Brand Board

Logo Design: Primary, Alternate Mark, Water Mark

1 Hour Brand Strategy Session

Digital Files Provided

10% off Additional Services

bold branding + website



< The Branding Package

Fully Branded mobile-ready Website Design via Squarespace

Standard 5 Page Design (Home, About, Portfolio, Blog, Contact) 

1 Hour Website Walk Through

Unlimited email support for 1 month after project completion

additional services


Digitize and Brand Board 350


Collateral Suite  450

Client Guide Small 550

Client Guide Large 850


SEO Optimization Add-On 550

Additional Web Page 250

Squarespace 5 Page Website 1250


pricing above does not include fonts, gallery images, squarespace, hosting, or domain names, which must be purchased separately. Nicoleinbold, LLC is not responsible for any hosting or server issues that may arise after install.

All content must be ready and provided by the client at the start of the project as to not delay the timeline of the project.

* starting price. varies with project size.


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frequently asked questions

All the things need to be ready to start?!? . . .

Yes. I know that sounds daunting. I can and will help you through everything, but I will not start designs until we have planned out your images, pages, and most importantly your copy content (the words).

Let me know if you need help writing your website copy or if you would like a referal!

Collateral Suite? . . .

This service offers to help you with both print and digital design templates for your business. Included are 3 print designs and 6 templates for up to 3 social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Blog). All templates will be customized with your new branding. Print collarteral examples: business card, thank you card, stationary, rack cards, custom business apparel, etc.

This does not include tangible products. Recommendations will be provided.

We will work together to make a cohesive set of collateral to fit your needs and showcase your one of a kind business. You, the client will provide all images and copy.

Client Guide? . . .

Your custom client guide design includes the collaboration and full design of a magazine, client guide, or studio welcome packet to match your branding and voice. You can send your client guide to perspective clients digitally, printed in a welcome package, or share it with them at an in-person meeting. Nothing will impress them more than seeing your curated experience laid out with care showcasing your work, process, and overall experience.

There are 2 sizes: Small is 5 spreads (10 pages) and the Large is 8-10 spreads (16-20 pages).

This does not include tangible products. Recommendations will be provided.

We will work together to make your guide cohesive with your brand identity and voice. Images and copy will be provided by client.

Digitize and Brand Board? . . .

Already know what you want your branding to look like? You have everything sketched and colors, you just need to put it on the computer? This service is just for you! I will render your sketch and pull together your colors and a brand board for your rock your new business identity.

SEO Add-On? . . .

SEO Optimization is only available as an add on service if I am designing your website. If i have not designed your website, and you want SEO guidance please travel to read more about my SEO consulting!

As your website is built, on page SEO will be completed. When your website is ready, we will work 1:1 to give you the tools moving forward to continue your SEO. We will work with each other for up to 2 hours via video chat to learn how to optimize future pages, portfolio images, and blog posts to target your unique market. With screen sharing I will actually be demonstrating SEO on your site while you watch and learn and ask as many questions as needed.

This option will empower you to be the master of your own SEO destiny!


Let me know if you have additional questions or concerns!


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