Wild Roots

cultivate your business


You've got the passion, skill, and drive,
but your struggling to connect with your people.


Sure you could DIY building your business,
but you want to look like a pro AND
serve your audience like a hearetfelt master, right?

What you need is someone to not only guide your strategy but also your brand. Someone who can look at your business with a holistic approach to help you narrow your focus, push your passion, and help you excite your ideal client. All while building a foundation to stop the hustle!

So if you are ready to cut through the noise and focus on your mission, heart, and artistry with a strategy that feels, looks, and sounds like you, you need to work with me.



Working with me, I want you to accept yourself as you are! 

Accept your vision, skill, and current place within your journey, as a woman, artist, mom, and entrepreneur. This is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against our training, education, and culture. From our inception we have received messages of how we should be, with very few telling us that we are good as we are. I want to be a voice in your life that says you are good, you are worthy, and you fucking rock! Right here! Right now!

With our time together, my ultimate goal is to collaborate with you, hear you, and encourage you to create from your heart the business you desire.  It is time to own your passion, your craft, and speak to your people with intention. 


I'm here to help!
In my experience, there are a few things that keep you stuck.


I learned the hard way!

endless research, trial and error,
and a solid dose of therapy.

I'm not kidding on that last part. Running your own business is hard, super fun, and full of doubts. Especially when what you want out of life isn't aligned with what you are currently doing and saying.

When I was starting, I wish I had someone to sit me down and tell me about life and business. Someone to talk about my identity and what I want out of my business. As the years passed I wish I had someone to hold my hand as I slowly began to figure things out. Because let me tell you, it is way more than taking pretty pictures! 

Here are some things we probably have in common:

  • Like you, I want to document life as it is and share it with families and parents so they can see their one of a kind beauty and strength.

  • Like you, I wanted to run my business MY way, but felt like I had to be doing what everyone else was doing.

  • Like you, I wanted to love my work and make a living doing it!

  • Like you, I wanted to have a life outside my business, and a plan of action to see results.


How does this whole thing work?

What ever you need to work on will be on the agenda!


Wild Roots Foundation

Accountability + Strategy  meets  Storytelling + Optimization


1 Define to Design

It is time to dig deep and declare your version of success, freedom, what you want to offer, and who you want to serve!

2 Master Your Time

You are worthy of being the CEO of your business. Discover your natural rhythm and build processes to highlight your strengths and value!

We will discuss schedules, your digital ecosystem, and automation.

3 Promises to Build

Dial in your messaging to speak to your audience on a website that shows your wild passion and creative heart.

We will discuss user experience and SEO to better optimize your story for both your clients and Google.

4 Mindset + Boundaries

Get clarity on what has you stuck and challenge those beliefs with inner wisdom. We will talk about this stuff through our time together because it is that important. Stop sabotaging in order to work smarter.


Wild Roots is for you if...

  • You suspect that your client processes aren’t up to scratch. (Maybe you have more difficult clients than fun ones?)
  • You struggle to price your work & have a tendency to underprice yourself (then get resentful that you did that yourself AGAIN).
  • You’re not confident in your creative processes & battle with creative blocks.
  • You want a mentor who has been where you are & can relate.
  • You have had your own photography business for a while, but you still struggle with the business side of things.
  • You are just getting started with your photography business and want to jump in with mastery.

but this isn't for you if...

  • You believe you’re always right. If you don’t take feedback well, mentoring will not be fun or fruitful for you. Invest your money elsewhere.
  • You're not ready to put in the work and hit the ground running.
  • If you are looking for an overnight fix! Your results will increase exponentially as you go through the program, but this is not an immediate solution to any urgent cash flow troubles in your business. This takes work! Be prepared!

Wild Roots



120 minute 1:1 coaching calls for 6 weeks
(core value>services>pricing>brand strategy>personal development)

Full business workflows mapped and integrated
(pre-inquiry>inquiry>on-boarding>service>delivery>feedback>follow up)

Action plan to launch your website and create content

Fully optimized website for Google and your potential clients

Business guide with your full processes, branding, and services

To take full advantage of the integration services Dubsado and Squarespace are recommended and required.