SEO Consult


SEO Consult

  • Submit your website and provide specific areas of focus or concern
  • Includes recorded video feedback as I navigate your website from the point of view of a potential client
  • Includes a review with written feedback assessing strengths and action items
  • Includes a 1 hour live video session where you can ask me further questions and I can show you how to implement your future and ongoing SEO strategy with confidence.
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Aim is to improve your SEO and enhance your overall website client expereince.

Timeline: Please allow for 1 week to the review to take place and have a video in your inbox.

Length: Depending on the complexity of your website and what is found through navigation the video review of your website will range from 10-30 minutes. 

NOTE: This is not a full instructional video of how to implement SEO. Our consult will provide instruction where needed to fine tune your overall SEO strategy.