What's in a Name

Coming up with a business name is not always easy. Just like naming a child, you go through many before you decide and then change it again one more time…and again. :)

Nicoleinbold came about when I was soul searching regarding who I am and what I wanted to give to other people. I started with the idea that I am me. Profound, I know ;) Then I moved to the belief that I am an artist first and fore most. From painting, drawing, crafting, design and photography I am sharing my vision. How I compose my work is my perspective. I thought about this in terms of working with and for other people. My name is simply; my creativity, working for you.

To break it down a little further, I strive to be an intentional artist. There is always a reason, a feeling, an idea that leads you to the next thing. That journey and thought process has helped me live a more authentic life for myself. I take this concept and strive to constantly inspire myself, push myself and ultimately be a more bold version of myself. When I do all of this with grace, I can then create and capture life for other people. I want my perspective to inspire you, move you and intrigue you to to ask me take stills of your life. Again, my creativity working for you. Let's be bold together.

Parenthood and offspring

PS. I constantly strive, but must also trust the process. Graceful living, is honest living.

Be Inspired. Live Boldly.