Welcome to the World Miss M | Woodbridge, Va | Birth Photography

The journey of carrying a child and birthing is so amazing to me. It is true magic from an act of love and passion. All mixed with science and faith. This momma was so amazing. She was so quiet during labor, even taking girl scout cookie orders between contractions! On this birthday, and after only 3 pushes, the Hoffman family became a party of 5. Without further delay here is the condensed authentic birth story.

"You need chaos in your soul to

give birth to a dancing star."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Birth-Photography-Virginia-Motherhood-LeesburgBirth-Photographer-Virginia-Motherhood-LeesburgBirth-Photographer Leesburg VaBirth-Photographer Just Born Leesburg VaBirth-Photographer Mommy and Me Leesburg VaHospital Birth Photographer Leesburg, VaHospital Birth Breastfeeding Photographer Leesburg, VaFresh 48 Newborn Photography Leesburg,  VaBirth-Photography-Virginia-MeasurementsFamily-Birth-Photography-NOVAAre you interested in having your birth photographed? What questions can I answer for you? I'd love to talk to all you expecting moms!

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