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Every Birth is Beautiful | Nicoleinbold | Richmond

Nicoleinbold believes every birth is beautiful

When you are just one person with a camera, wondering if you are a professional photographer, debating if your images are really any good, living in Richmond, Va, with one computer. Having clients and life to take care of, it is hard to think about what other people are saying or doing all the time. This week however, it became apparent to me that living in my three foot bubble that one person can effect my entire profession and way of life. 

I am sure you have seen the viral text messages and my response earlier this week. After posting and reading other photographer's responses, it hit me, we need to work together! Birth photographers have an amazing behind the scenes community. We lean on each other for help, assist new photographers, provide critical feedback, guidance, and positivity with anything and everything. 

I would not be here today without the support, love, and assistance from some amazing women in the birth photography industry across the world! 

Community is something I crave as an individual, mother, and artist. So when I had this Oprah style Aha! moment, I knew I needed to reach out to other artists in order to articulate a community response. I was overwhelmed by the amount of women who wanted to contribute and share our collective sentiment that every birth is beautiful.  27 artists in fact,  not including myself, from 14 different states and 3 countries, USA, UK, and Canada! Motherhood, parenthood, and life is hard enough without being shamed! I hope when you view this compilation, you see birth love stories worthy of compassion and documentation, especially cesarean births. 

Transcript of letter to all mamas:

"I'm a professional birth photographer.

I believe, we believe, all birth is natural birth, worthy of documentation and pride. I support my family with this knowledge and hold it close. I and my colleagues wake up and leave our families at the sound of a phone call, at any time - day or night, holiday or during dinner, to be with you and tell your unique story with the art we provide.


Because it sets our soul on fire to create and serve others.

You, beautiful woman grew a human! You brought them into this world. That is as natural as it gets! 
I, your name, see the beauty in every birth story I capture whether it be Cesarean, medicated, un-medicated, surrogate, home, hospital, or otherwise. 
As a member of the greater birth photographer community, I'm here to say, we all want what is best for mother, baby, and their loved ones with love and empathy. 

every birth is beautiful

birth is birth is birth"


Leilani Rogers - www.photosbylei.com - Austin, Texas
Neely Ker-Fox - www.KerFox.com -  Columbus, Georgia
Kourtnie Scholz www.KEDocumentary.com - Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas
Monet Nicole Moutrie - www.monetnicole.com - Denver, Colorado
Justine Herrera - www.tulsabirthphotographer.com - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Danielle Stokes Hobbs - www.daniellehobbsphotography.com - Gainesville, Virginia
Natalia Walth - www.NataliaWalth.com - Santa Clarita, California
Kailee Ramirez - www.kaileeriches.com - Nashville, Tennessee
Kim Cameron - www.breatheinphotography.ca - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Samantha Ryer - www.samantharyerphotography.com - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Amanda Jo - www.tinybearphotography.com - Parshall, North Dakota
Aimee Durrance - www.AimeeDurrancePhotography.com - Oxford, UK
Hannah Palamara - www.treeoflifedoulaphotography.com - London, UK
Amanda Gipson - www.birthunscripted.com - Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas
Brooke Walsh - www.tcbirthphoto.com - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jen Olson - www.tcbirthphoto.com - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jessica Benson - www.jessicabphotography.com - South Jordan, Utah
Amanda McGhee - www.kimberlingrayphotography.com - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Melissa Schreiner - www.melissalynportraits.com - Lakeville, Minnesota
Ashley Marston - www.ashleymarstonbirthphotography.com - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Ashley Short - www.AshleyShortPhotography.com - Archbold, Ohio
Laura Eckert - www.newcreationphotography.com - Swisher, Iowa
Jennifer Mason - jennifermasonphotography.com - Golden, Colorado
Sophia Costa - thesophiaco.com - Waialua, Hawaii
Morgan Lang - morganlangphotography.com - Kansas City, Kansas
Julie JP Paszczykowski - www.jp-photography.net - Toledo, Ohio
Chinelle Rojas - www.tampabirthphotographer.com - Tampa, Florida

With grit and grace,

Richmond Birth Photographer Nicoleinbold supports the greater birth photographer community