Feeling Grateful | Meet Nicole Series

This past year has been both good and bad. I have gained family and lost family. I have learned more than anything, to say "yes" to those who matter most. Yes, I will meet you. Yes, I will send a message, give you a hug, or hold your hand. Our time on earth is limited, no need to waste it on things or people that don't fill our hearts with love.

This year my marriage has grown stronger, friendships blossomed, and my dear daughter has evolved into an independent and imaginative toddler. To say I’m grateful is an understatement. I AM IN AWE!

In addition to my personal gratitude, I am so thankful for my creativity. Without this I would not be sane, or have the friends that I have. I'm truly honored to have met some amazing women this year that have helped me cultivate my craft and push me to be a better entrepreneur, artist, friend and mom. Last, I appreciate all the love and support I have gotten from everyone as I continue to grow and learn in all things.

Me and my tribe
Me and my family

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