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Aggarwal Party of 4 | Leesburg, Va | Lifestyle Newborn

Sometimes you make the best connections when you put yourself out into the world. This family seriously rocks. The amount of love, patience and grace each member has is inspiring. I love how sweet both mom and dad are with their children. From their language to how they use there voices to the calm way they move about their house. It makes my heart so happy to see this in real life. They are a wonderful example of how I want to be with my daughter and husband.

I'm the type of person that thoroughly likes to continue learning and changing with each season of life. What make this journey even better, is meeting people who make me think about how I can be better for myself, my family, and the world. The A family gives as much as they take from the world! Dad is an amazing gardener who has even built a pond in their back yard, seriously beautiful. Their home is as open and warm as their hearts, which is filled with so much light.

Mom, I'm not sure I have adequate words for everything I have learned from talking to and observing her, that sounds creepy, but I've been behind the lens a lot with her over the past couple of months. We met while advocating for our rights to nurse our children when and where ever we want. We are both strong advocates of normalizing breastfeeding and she has such a loving husband by her side for support as well. Not only did she nurse her first throughout her pregnancy, but she was so excited to share the experience with both of her daughters. And let me tell you, little L was ready with pointers and guidance on how best to latch and get comfortable.

It was a true joy to watch a mom, and dad, settle into bringing a new life into their home.

love authentically. be inspired.