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What's in a Name

I wrote a version of this explanation a few years ago, and after some thoughts, revelations, and a few people asking me, "what does Nicoleinbold mean," I have decided to update and rewrite my answer. If you have followed me for any length of time I am sure you have noticed a change in my work. If you are more perceptive, I am sure you have noticed a change in what I share and what I say. With these changes, I have noticed an evolution in who I believe I am. I have grown, matured, softened, and been through many life changes since the beginning of Nicoleinbold, but I'll start at the beginning.

Coming up with a business name is not always easy. Just like naming a child, you go through many options before you decide and then change it again one more time…and again. Trying not to ask for too many opinions because that can always through a wrench into the mix.

Nicoleinbold came about when I was soul searching . "Who am I?" "What do I want to be remembered for?" "How do I want to help and serve others?" I started with the idea that I am me. Profound, I know. Many photographers use their own name as their business name, and I wanted to take that a step further. 

Sure this business is mine, but I serve others. What I create, produce, and share is ultimately not about me. Then I moved to the belief that I am the artist. While I depict others, it is my past, present, and future, my perspective that drives me to press my shutter button. I am showing how I see and feel about other peoples' lives. You can see it in how I compose my work and how I process and stylize my final images.

Your life - my perspective.

In explaining this recently to a friend, she pushed me further, "yeah, but why bold? I know you are creative, spontaneous, and silly - is that what you mean?" This is a great question, and one that embodies my life more than I ever realized when I chose my name almost 5 years ago.

The bold-ness, if you will, come from a few things which all boils down to my hopes, dreams, and even fears I feel for you, me, and our families. There is a bold-ness in saying I will take a piece of equipment and make a picture. There is more bold-ness involved when I feel strongly that when I make a picture I am sharing your love for life and your love for your family with you. The bold-ness continues to grow when I state that I highlight your love, connection, curiosity, and fears with every frame I capture.

I understand this can sound pretentious. Believe me when I say I feel a bit of shame for feeling so passionately about other's lives. This shame comes from feeling like I shouldn't care. From being told I shouldn't care most of my life. My current transformation is leaning into these "shoulds" and fully accepting my role as someone who loves my own family and wanting to preserve the love in others' families.

I have never considered myself an empath or highly sensitive person, until recently. It actually took a therapist to break this news, and then me telling a couple of my closest friends, who wholeheartedly agreed, to even accept this fact about myself. I feel emotions deeply. I perceive other's emotions very well and feel them deeply on top of my own. I share this because it is the most recent "ah-ha" moment about the name I have chosen for my business.

As I journey through life I have questioned my purpose. Most recently I have been unsure if I wanted to continue to pursue being a photographer. It wasn't until I was asked what my name means, what I hope to provide the people and families I work with that I became confident in my own legacy. After everything you have read it might not be a surprise to you, but it was to me. When I was asked this question these words tumbled from my mouth, "I want to transform vulnerability into confidence." Phew! That is bold.

So now what does that mean?

The goal I work to achieve with each shutter release is to highlight your humanity, your love, and your connection to those around you. It is vulnerable to ask someone into your life and to take your picture. Many people don't see it this way anymore because so many people own some type of camera, but it is scary. All of our insecurities can creep in. I hope that when I am asked into your life, into your home, that I can transform those insecurities into confidence. No matter if you are insecure in your body image, how you parent, what it looks like inside your home, I want to document your life right now. Show you it's beauty. Give you permission to be yourself. SEE yourself how others see you. How your children see you, and will remember you when they are older.

In owning this name I have created for my business, to include all the revelations there after, and having been present for many families, I can tell you with confidence that you are AMAZING. You are doing way better than you think you are. Your presence in this world is a gift. You are more than a mom, a dad, a wife or a husband. You are you, and your story matters.

It is simple. A clean statement. A concise and profound core value.

I am Nicoleinbold.

Nicoleinbold is documentary family photography with a promise to give you confidence serving Richmond, Virginia and available for travel.