prenatal yoga

Ashtanga Maternity | Pregnancy Inspiration | Richmond, Va

When I was pregnant over 4 years ago, I did one yoga class. I was living outside of DC, which is to say I lived a fast lane life and had a lot of trouble slowing myself down enough to think about let alone enjoy the art of yoga. I had a preconceived notion that all yoga is slow. Pregnant or not. Yeah - I was wrong in my thought process!

I am so happy to have met and been present for this amazing mama's maternity session. She practices Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga which is a considerably fast paced flow of yoga. This session really drove home for me the principle that pregnancy is a state of health and that pregnant women really can do every, assuming they are healthy. Check it out!

*NOTE* Be sure to clear physical activity with your care provider. This mama is an avid yogi who continued her practice throughout her pregnancy. 

Location: The Yoga Dojo