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Manifesting with Willingness

I want to get into a concept that has been popping up all over the place and a tool that can facilitate a well rounded end product. I’m talking about manifestation and willingness.

Nicole explores why manifesting is incomplete without willingness on the blog to help creative entrepreneurs.


It’s a superpower that leads to effectiveness in every capacity. It is the single skill that has changed everything in my own life, and I so badly want others to understand! I am talking about your

willingness to try,
willingness to change your patterns,
willingness to do different,
willingness to learn,
willingness to ask for help,
willingness to question, act, grow,
and your willingness to be seen.

That last one is huge! In the realm of business ownership, being seen is so hard. Social media tends to be a highlight reel that misses the mark on authenticity; people sharing for visibility, but not exactly connecting in any real way. For many, actually being seen is incredibly scary. Truth be told, I’m afraid of being seen most days.

Anyone else wish we could just do good work and people would find us? Apparently, that’s not how businesses work if you want to actually make money. Which brings me to the other buzzword that I have been struggling with.


Anyone else see this word all over the place? Do you know what it means? Do you engage in manifestation practices?

At first, I wrote it off as a lot of woo. Something so metaphysical that had no place in my emotional need for logic and facts. I have felt so much shame, both justified and not, because I want things to make sense in the here and now. Come to find out, emotion can carry just as much weight in any argument.

Willingness inside of manifesting require a radical shift in how we evaluate our emotions - they are factual information.

As I delved into healing and my mental health landscape, I came to learn and understand that feelings are actually factual information. So I took a harder look at this manifestation thing.

Manifesting is to project who we want to be in the future, on our current life situation.

It is more than “fake it till you make it.” It is a show-up, dress the part, ask questions, process, produce, and repeat kind of situation - all while believing, wholeheartedly, that you have already reached your destination.

With this understanding, I came up against another block or issue with the whole manifestation concept. Everyone seems to only talk about vision, declarations, desires, intent, and even vibration. “Stay positive” is a common rule. Nothing about the middle elements, the less than pretty parts. These explanations seemed to leave out the feelings and emotions. Important facts of being human. Not to mention the healing that often has to take place in order to really shift and make habit changes.

Manifestation, in my opinion, is at least 50% incomplete without feelings, emotions, and questions. What is better, I believe manifestation actually allows space and permission for shame that may arise, your emergence from hiding, learning to love yourself through your ups and downs, and being able to be present even though you want to run. Your willingness to live the process, feel the fear and find your path, is vital to your growth. It is not all positive self-talk, daily affirmations, and self-care. There is work to be done emotionally and physically to leverage your best self.

Your Capacity

In my opinion:

manifestation is our willingness to see ourselves in a capacity of creation and taking up space that was otherwise thought not meant for you.

That seems simple and yet it can be incredibly complex. If you are struggling with this word, concept, movement, and feel it has no place for you, I see you friend! I have been there!

Your willingness to look inward, sit with whatever comes up, and share your process is up to you. You get to decide what it all means. You get to plan and adjust your life and your messaging. The best part - it is never too late to ask questions, adapt beliefs, and cultivate new patterns! Which is super exciting!'

A Reminder

As entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, and visionaries, our egos LOVE to push us into hiding so we can stay safely in our respective comfort zones. Think about your list of excuses or reasons for procrastination. Naturally, we run from anything and everything we perceive will make us different. This is often why it’s easy to be visible, but not as easy to be seen.

I dare you to push back!

My questions to you as you sit in front of your work:

  • What do you not want people to find out about you and what does that feel like?

  • What narrative is running in your head that is preventing you from your dream?

  • Are you willing to sit still to learn from yourself?

I’m not asking you these things with intent for you to fix anything or find a solution. I’m asking you to check into yourself, learn, see, question, and grow with what you find. Journal it out. Be honest with yourself.

I can’t wait to see you expand into your life worth living.