Durrance Party of 4 | Lifestyle Newborn | Leesburg, Va

This family! There is so much to say, but I'm not the best with doting words. The Durrance's are the sweetest people you will meet. With compassion and wit, style and love, they are some of the most patient and giving people I know. You may remember their birth story, where Miss A graced us with her presence! Here they are again, cuddling, protecting, and smiling through their early days of adjustment as a family of 4. How sweet are her nursery details and daddy cuddles!?! Oh, and older brother R peaking at his new sister, my heart melts!

Any advice for a new family of 4?

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Blayney Party of 3 | Lifestyle Newborn | Sterling, Va

"the love is all mine"

With each family I photograph, observe and create art for, I learn more about myself. I narrow my vision of who I want to be for my little and husband. This family is no different. Mom and Dad worked together like a dream making sure each was comfortable all while taking care of their fresh baby. Miss Kyla has truly been graced with a patient and light hearted family spanning continents full of love and wonder to teach her all about life. I am excited to see this family grow together and take on new adventures!

be inspired. love authentically. live boldly.