2015 Manifesto | Meet Nicole Series

Nicoleinbold Manifesto Inspired ImagesThrough sharing my ideas, my enthusiasm, and my skills I want to communicate visually with you, change your perspective, and just simply be me. Here are 8 mottos to help me love more authentically this year.

#1 Less is more, simplicity is authentic

I have always found that the “white space” in our lives colors our character. This year is about guarding my time.  Saying no sometimes, but yes to trying new things that excite my spirit (rumi).

#2 Create good habits

Beyond resisting trends and needless upgrades, I plan to live my passion this year. This means having creative nights (alone or with friends, come join me), volunteering more, and drinking more water.

#3 Be an active participant in life

Life is so short. This year I want to be my own hero and act without expectation. My recent motto: you always have time for the things you put first. Making goals will help, but staying present and mindful of myself and surroundings is paramount to being an active participant.

#4 Grace over perfection

This is my way of saying to trust in the process, mistakes happen, and if you feel stuck, ask for someone to help you out. In the end, we were born to be real, not perfect. It is also important to let kindness rule, both within ourselves and with others.

I, Nicole, am enough. I genuinely want to make the world a better place. I am not afraid of the truth. I am loyal, adventurous and supportive. This year I want to be me, unapologetically.

Nicoleinbold Headshots

#5 Go on more adventures

The power of grace and harmony, for me, is the most abundant in nature. This year I hope to explore my local parks and hiking trails. Anyone have any must see/walk places?

#6 Connect with people

Every life is unique. It is such a beautiful thing. These lives hold our infinitely diverse stories. This year I want to connect first and foremost with my daughter and husband, the loves of my life. I also want to connect with other moms, artists, entrepreneurs, family, and people. I may be awkward, as small talk is not my forte, but I will learn and hope to laugh with everyone I meet.

#7 Learn new things

Creativity attracts curiosity. I believe anything is possible and that being bold means having confidence and experimenting. No matter the risk. I like who I am becoming, but there is always room for improvement!

#8 Grow

Brilliance lies within each of us and dreams don’t work unless you do. This year I’m starting with some great ideas and small goals that I can make great to create a firm foundation for my future.


In closing, be fearless. Everyday, practical and mindful problem solving is the most beautiful creativity there is.

be inspired. love authentically. Live boldly.