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A Relocation, Introspection + Pivot

If you follow me on social media in any capacity you already know that my family and I have moved halfway across the country to Manhattan, Kansas. Affectionately known as the Little Apple. You may also know my affinity for reflecting on my life and sharing the ups and downs with honesty. What you may not know, is that I will be pivoting my business after a lot of personal self development.

What does that even mean?

First a little back story - last year I went through an intense training program focused on dialectic behavior to lean into, heal, and learn to cope with various mental health diagnoses. It was a long year, a quiet year on the business front, and incredibly productive in defining who I am as Nicole Burmeister - before the labels of photographer, creative, teacher, wife, mother, or business owner got thrown in. I will be honest, last February I was incredibly lost and in a very dark place. I had no idea how to untangle what I wanted for myself from what others wanted from me. Relying on my fear of failure to guide my anxiety induced research binges, I became an expert on various topics of business ownership, birth, photography, etc, etc.

No More!

This past year I have realized I have so much information and knowledge within me. I have said “no” to seeking more instruction because deep down I was really looking for that particular teacher to validate a checklist of tasks. Now, I realize this was due to my inability to validate my own work and progress. So last year turned into a year of saying yes to myself! Affirming and patting my own back has taught and allowed me to actually see and feel my strengths. With this new knowledge I have come to understand how much of what I have built so far as the person behind Nicoleinbold has been a bit hollow. In 2017 I even began to see this hollowness in my work which manifested into a pit within my stomach.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love photography. I love birth. I adore my clients. My hang up was in the tedious behind the scenes mechanics to making it all work in conjunction with motherhood and my inability to truly voice what was on my heart for the seemingly irrational fear of wondering what people would think of me if I actually shared hard truths and big thoughts - I didn’t even have the skills to see myself much less the willingness to be seen by others. A massive run-on sentence - I know - it is a transplant of the overwhelm I used to feel! It is a wild landscape - navigating mental health.

I found help. I made changes. We moved. I am officially pivoting.

I am whole now. I am excited about life and motherhood, and my business. I didn’t set out to make this big of a shift, however I am proud of myself for slowing down enough to realize my wants, needs, and strengths.

I am officially pivoting.

Nicoleinbold is now offering seo services, website design, and coaching to small and creative business owners in Manhattan, Kansas and beyond.

I am ready to lean into my strengths to help others holistically build a sustainable digital ecosystem. I want to use my vast knowledge of graphic design, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and my years as a photographer learning about workflows, content creation, and client management to the desk of other small business owners. All these parts make up the digital presence of business’. Knowing how they work individually and as a unit is my strength.

More specifically, I am now offering services that include SEO audits, SEO implementation, One Week Web Designs, Dubsado setups, and a comprehensive service to wildly root your business for success.

Each service has been carefully crafted and I couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives and visionaries. No more piecing together fragments of information and late night DIY implementations that ultimately loose you sleep, create holes with your clients, and leave you dazed inside of your family.

My goal and passion is for you to create a sustainable business whether you want to build in white space and contentment, you want to scale up and grow your empire, or anything in between. I want to nurture you to boldly own your business rather your their business owning you!

Oh and don’t worry.

While I am scaling way back with my photography, I am in the process of diving into personal projects and narrowing down ways that I can giveback. After all, I am still passionate about the power of seeing your real life frozen in time and printed! I’m simply shifting my business to guide other business owners toward taking their lives back from the frazzle that can be entrepreneurship.