compassion session

Isaac the Strong | Red Rock, Leesburg | Compassion Work

I have always had a strong desire to give back to my community. This has grown stronger since having Nora. I want other families to have images of their families on their walls to cherish on the good and bad days. This can be difficult when a family has a child or parent with special or strenuous medical needs. I have been struggling with how to serve this part of my heart, but I"m happy to say meeting Isaac and his family has taught me to simply jump in. Isaac is incredibly brave, super hero strong, and very polite. He was excited to show me his beads of courage and insisted on going through the meaning of the different beads before we got started. I hope you will take the time to check out his story. I loved watching him keep up with his brother running on the path through Red Rock. Isaac and his siblings were so independent and full of life. I know there are bad days for everyone, but for some families bad days can be scary days. I hope you cherish the good and harness the joy of your life for those inevitable harder days.

Without further delay, Isaac and his siblings.

If you or someone you know has a child in the NICU or is living with special and or medical needs please contact me for a compassion session.

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