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Welcome to the World Baby K | Cesarean Birth Story | Richmond, Va

a good mother isn't defined by the process of labor...a good mother is defined by the sacrifices and love she gives her children.


As a professional birth photographer, I believe that every birth experience is amazing. Women's bodies are natural and strong, all of our journeys toward motherhood are unique and full of so much emotion, trials, and tribulations. I hope, as more births are documented throughout the world, we can come together and promote a "community over competition" mentality of how we bring lives into this world. 

This mama and her family are absolutely adorable. A true party of 4 now that Miss K has graced us with her presence. When I met the mom she was so nervous about her birth experience coming up, so I was honored to be invited to document her story. As the weeks and days passed us by we talked constantly about how she was doing and more importantly how she was feeling. As her due date came and went nerves started to really kick in. I appreciate this mama for her candid nature and perspective of life. Sometimes as mothers we can plan all day long and do everything in our power to have life go according to our plan, but when we add in another human being, even when they are mini humans, all bets are off. 

This was the case with baby K. She was determined to come on her own time and in a manner that made her mama have to truly surrender to the process. Through it all, many tears and augmentation methods, baby K arrived via c-section. Watch her story and how her handsome big brother welcomed her into the world.

With grit and grace,

First Moments of Fatherhood | Richmond, Va

Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.

-pam brown-

I am obviously not a dad, but I do get to witness men turn into fathers with each birth I document. This post shows off some of the awesome dads I have met this past year.

Watching the transformation of a husband become a dad, no matter how many children they have already, is seriously magical! Every dad is different in how they react to seeing their partner in labor. They all set different limits on where they stand during the delivery of the child, but afterwards; there is always amazement and love. So where you stand at mom's head, watch your child crown or even catch your baby entering the world, you are all strong and incredible fathers!