Welcome to the World Miss I | INOVA Loudoun | Birth Photography

"We want you to be happy

Come step outside your room"


Sweet Isha entered the world as a true power house. Momma labored at home for a good 24 hours when her amazingly calm doula made the call to head to the hospital. I got the text I had been waiting for and left the house in a rush to greet them when they walked in. Miss Isha had other plans. Don't worry, she just wanted to meet  her family earth-side as quickly as possible.

Momma was so strong and faithful in her body to really trust the process, and her husbands driving ;). Her water broke as she was walking downstairs to get into the car. From there it was a rush to the hospital, in early morning commuter traffic! A mere 14 minutes after the arrival to the hospital the lively Isha made her appearance and quickly snuggled in with mom and dad. There is nothing better than watching how a tiny human takes in their surroundings after being placed on mom's chest and hearing dad's voice "out in the world" for the first time.

Isha has made this wonderful and caring family a party of 4. I can't wait to share their newborn story!

"that little girl dancer eventually grows She grows"


Doula: Peaceful Doula Services : Tiffany Shank

love authentically.