Mama-to-be Kelly B | Maternity | Leesburg, Va

I had a lot of fun with these beautiful parents-to-be exploring light and looking at all the antiques. Antiques and Motherhood

They seem like two totally unrelated topics, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Motherhood, the path to and beyond is very much like this antique shop and it's possessions. For starters, the layers and textures are similar to all the worry and anxiety you feel as a first time mom in your third trimester. The clutter in your mind is like the multitude of women you meet who have stories to tell you of their birth, or how they did something in such a way. Also like an antique shop you can walk away just the same way you can walk out of a store. No need to buy anything.

Another similarity, with each different room we encounterednew items to look at, piles to sift through and new light shining on all the baubles to renew our want to move forward. This is so true whether you are struggling to conceive, adopting, expecting or raising children currently. Each day is like a new room. A new set of colors, a changing light we have to adjust our eyes to. While each room is beautiful we still have to make a plan to keep ourselves productive, but allow our selves moment of distraction. To stay present is key but it isn't always easy. Some days you want to sit for a break, but you keep moving to see what the next day, the next room will bring. Always betting on new light and that great find.

Location: The Old Lucketts Store

Mom-to-be Jewelry: Stella Dot

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