Ken Burns

1 Thing I learned on the Radio

I was listening to Diane Rehm earlier this week, she had on Ken Burns talking about Documenting The American Experience. He said something towards the end of the show that really struck me and I wanted to share it with you. 

"History is made up of the words 'story' and 'hi.' So you just walk into a room and say, "hey, let me tell you some stories," and then you have history. 
You don't have to hit benchmarks. If you tell a good story, those things will come along, there will be nothing that is lost! 
If you remember, the way human beings communicate to one another is with stories. We live in a complex and overwhelming universe that seems chaotic and random, and what we do is tell stories to one another; we superimpose the frame of a narrative... We edit human experience the seemingly random chaos of events and we put a frame around it. Sometimes it's the artist's frame, and sometimes it's the storytellers frame, but we put a frame around it." 

I went home and looked up this episode, which I never do, but this was so good! I had to hear his words again, so I listened a couple more times before I ended up writing it down. As a birth photographer I frame narratives, via images, as both the artist and the storyteller!! I'm documenting history! If a picture is worth a thousand words, I have novels written for each family who has chosen me to be with them to welcome their newest "co-productions" into the world.

If you can't tell I am beyond in love with this notion of being a storyteller. I have always considered this title, but never really applied it to myself because I do not identify as a writer. I guess I was wrong, especially as a birth photographer and in how I approach the documentation of life!

Telling birth stories for family through images, one album at a time.
Bound albums help tell you birth story every day and for generations to come!
Thick pages, handmade in the US, and high quality albums to tell our one of a kind birth story
Linen lay flat albums to tell you birth story via images.

Have you ever considered the images you take, with a "big camera," small camera, or cell phone, would be called a story? Or that these images have the capacity to be your story years from now? Deep thoughts I know, but SUPER cool!!

With grit and grace,