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today everything exists

to end in a photograph

- susan sontag -

Your privacy and the privacy of your children come first, and in this day of instant gratification and digital technology what we share online is seen by quite a lot of people. Yes, you can block people or change your settings, but in reality everything on Facebook is public! I was guilty of this my daughter's first year of life. I wanted to connect with family! Keep them updated with the milestones and to share her seriously cute face. 

I started scaling back after she turned one. I wasn't sure how public I wanted to make my daughter's life. You have to think children born within the past few years don't know a world without the internet or smart phones! That is crazy to think about!!! I see parents posting all sorts of things that involve their children. Some of this is great. I love being updated about everyone's family, show my support of their updates and story. Acquaintances, colleagues, clients even! Do not get me wrong! I am a selfish individual like the rest of you! I want likes and comments. I want to see other peoples pictures to compare and contrast where we are at as a family. Is Nora on par with other kids her age? Grateful that we are passed some seasons in life and a bit terrified of others. (Yes, I said that, I am human and I over think everything, I can't be the only one!!) With that said, Facebook, or even Instagram, isn't the only way to archive and share those precious moments.

Images in the end are meant to be shared, I am not telling you to stop documenting your story as a family! I am asking you to consider the privacy of your family and the privacy of your child. 

Preface: I am in no way linked via payroll or in contact with the following company. I am however an avid fan!!


This company's product is the bee's knees! The simple "mission is to help parents be storytellers - recording and sharing beautiful life stories." Want to know more?

This is an online and smartphone compatible app (yes, apple and android). A few things that I LOVE about it:

  1. You have a profile for each child, but can tag one image for multiple children
  2. You enter in their birthday, so when you upload images it will tell you exactly how old they were when the image was taken.
  3. You can caption the images, and others can comment.
  4. You can invite people to watching your child(ren) grow. (Family, Friends, Care Providers, etc.)
  5. Even better, if you have invited someone, say Grandma, and she watches your tiny human and takes some images; she can also upload and caption them. So you have the full story of their life happenings! EEK!!
  6. At the end of the year, or on birthdays, you can have a book printed through Lifecake. So seamless.

I feel like I can continue to list things but I'll stop! Here are a couple of short videos for more information:

Last but not least, I'm sure you are wondering about cost. The good news, it is free for the first 10GB of information. 10GB worth of images and videos!! Whether you take professional images or snap pictures with your phone, you can upload content to Lifecake. Check it out! Let me know what you think!!

With grit and grace,