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A child may not know what direction he is going, but when he is attached to you, he doesn't feel lost. - Gordon Neufeld

My next installment of motherhood confessions is by a wonderful mama of 5, Lilly. She is a positive light for all parents as she is very active in the Virginia birth community and a DONA certified doula and a Birth Rights International Breastfeeding Educator. Here are her words:

"I'm contemplating a lot right now on something that my husband said to me tonight while our baby girl was crying. It really impacted me more than he probably knows. 

He said that she just wants my heart. This is so true on so many levels. 

She lived under my heart for 9 months and now that she's here there's only one place she wants to be. It can be so difficult and overwhelming having a newborn some times but it's so important to take a step back and understand that they need you and your love more than anything to survive. As I look at this photo from earlier today it makes me realize just how much she needs my heart. This needs to be a focus for all new mothers 💕 Give your babies your heart."

Motherhood Self Portrait by Lilly Seng

Motherhood Self Portrait by Lilly Seng

If you are interested in sharing a contemplation or deep thought about your motherhood experience, send me an email: nbcreative@nicoleinbold.com

be inspired. live boldly. love authentically.

Jeffers Party of 3 | Lifestyle Newborn | Woodbridge, Va

I love meeting new littles and their parents. So much newness, exhaustion, wonder and love! I sincerely enjoy hearing about mom and dad's birth experience and how everyone is adjusting. Miss Lilian is so precious, keeping one eye open for the majority of our session. Could she be any cuter? Her big fur-brother Murphy kept a close watch throughout my stay and was so calm around baby.

be inspired. love authentically. live boldly.