Thomas's US Gothcha Day | Dulles International Airport | Richmond Parenthood Photographer

This adoption story and gotcha day for Thomas was full of so many emotions. Mama contacted me a few weeks prior to Thomas' arrival to see if I was available to capture Thomas' arrival to the US to meet his new family. With further conversation, I found out Thomas is their second adoption within a year and mom was pregnant with her fourth biological child.

Mom and dad have such huge hearts and absolutely love the adventure of parenthood! Adoption is something that has interested me for quite a while and comes up every time my husband and I talk about children.  Giving back and taking in children that are already here, in this world and searching for a family to call home, makes me want to take in all of the children and call them my own with love. Right now, with the help of Red Thread, this is how I give back to these children and families. To be able to give this family images to remember the start of their new parenthood journey is a true honor. I loved being present and watching how their introductions unfolded.

Meet the Murphy family! Dad and the oldest brother went to pick up Thomas from his home country, as mom was pregnant and still adjusting their younger children at home. It was hard for the family to be apart for so long, dealing with all the paperwork, but through Skype they were able to stay in touch throughout the entire adoption process. So much love for technology!!!

Here is Thomas' US Gotcha Day:

Richmond Virginia Birth and Adoption Photographer

With grit and grace,