Headshot of Nicole, a Richmond Birth Photographer

quiet soul | creative heart

I am Nicole. A quiet extrovert who is learning to love hugs. I am also a wife and mother, both of which fill me with a grounding sense of purpose and love. While I have always been the artist in my family, painting, drawing and playing music, it wasn’t until I picked up a camera in college, that life began making sense.

With momlife, kid approved, and my "big camera" in tow I have made it my passion to see and live in the calm and the chaos of everyday life. I want my legacy to be empowering individuals, parents, and children to see themselves as I see them; amazing gifts, beautiful beings, and a wonderful union of love, connection, and belonging.

As I learn and grow as a human, mother, and wife I see more and more poetry in the mundane. This is what I strive to imprint with each business owner, person and family I work with. It is fact, your life is a story and it is worthy of being told and shared! Whether that be with yourself, your closest family and friends or with the world. 

"There is one thing a photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment."

Robert Frank


fun facts

  • My first camera was a Canon Powershot A610.

  • My husband and I met on (Married 11 years)!

  • I went to West Virginia University and majored in the Trombone.

  • I do not match my socks!

  • I cut my families hair.

  • I'm a vegetarian.


love becomes family

 we are all a little wild and a lot in love with each other



As an artist, photographer, designer, and encourager, who specializes in observing connection and belonging, I aim to transform vulnerability and your everyday life into confidence and purpose. I want to bring empowerment and joy to you, your family, and mine via an instrument that has the power to hold a millisecond still for eternity. With the images we make together, strategy we design and collaborate on, my passion is for you to own your life worth living mentally, physically, and with tangible product so you can see, share, and treasure who you are as a family and individual for generations to come, on bad days, and during those great happy and curious moments in life.