Profit Pricing for Photographers

Welcome to the the first all inclusive calculator to help you price your business profitably and for sustainability!

In the link below you will find a multi-step calculator with instructions for you to find your salary, fixed and variable expenses, cost of doing business, cost of goods, and even how to set up your packages. Included in each step are instructions, tips and encouragement to keep you on the right path.

A couple of notes before you get started:

  • After clicking the link to the google sheet document, be sure to save a master copy in case something, anything, gets messed up while you are working through the steps.
  • All cells with a formula has been locked to encourage you to reassess the pieces that go into totals.
  • This is a large file, it may take a few seconds for each "chapter" to load.
  • Take your time! Your numbers matter to your bottom line as a business owner but also as a contributor to your family.
  • Last, take notes throughout about things you like or didn't like, and come back to tell me all about it!!