We're Moving Again | Atlanta, Georgia Here We Come!

It's been quiet on the blog in 2017. From supporting my full time student partner and 4 year daughter, I have been living as presently as possible before our 2018 year of big changes. As many of you know we moved to Richmond so that my husband could finish out his degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences at VCU.  

It has been a wild ride full of ups and downs, homework, and clinical rotations. College life at 30 is way different, decidedly more boring, and challenging in new and different ways than college life at 20! As we approach our last semester of married college life, we are starting to plan for life after graduation. I'm a bit nervous, but also stoked to be entering a new season of life! We are also coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary! Woo!

For us, this means another move, further south this time! 

We love city living in Richmond, and are excited to learn a new city and live in a warmer climate year round! So Atlanta, here we come! Well in about 5 months! Do you now anyone in the Atlanta, Georgia area? I would love to connect with friends of friends and family! 

If you are reading this in your home in Virginia, NOVA or RVA, and you are a little sad that we haven't connected lately, please send me an email or text! I am notoriously horrible at keeping up with people! We have 4 months to get together laugh and goof off before we depart though! 

If you are someone who is saying "well crap, I need you to document my family!" send me a note via my contact page! Let's get a session on the calendar and stay tuned for a farewell tour of sorts. I would love to see your family in front of my lens before we leave! As for birth families, I will be taking births through the end of March 2018 here in Richmond, Virginia. If you are due after this time I am happy to work with you to find a recommendation to fit your family!

Atlanta families and expecting parents, Nicoleinbold is already starting to book birth and parenthood sessions in June and beyond, let's connect!